5 Ways to Get Your Health Club in Perfect Social Media Shape

Total number of gym participants in the US has increased from 24.1 million people in 2000 to 35.9 million people in the last couple years. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, fitness made up 66% of 2015 New Year’s Resolutions, which means that society is putting a greater emphasis on being healthy and staying in shape. However, with a greater demand comes greater supply (more than 34.000 health clubs in US alone), so health and fitness clubs need to do even more to stand out among competition, stay in touch with their clients and inspire them to come back for more action, knowledge and fun.

One of the easiest ways to achieve all three things is through social media. In the last few years we have witnessed an increased consumption of health and fitness related content on social media. People are sharing their workouts, fitness motivation pictures or nutrition advice and engaging more in the conversation around health and overall well-being. Such openness for the conversation represents a great opportunity for health and fitness club owners to leverage social media, attract the attention of prospective members and remain engaged to their existing customers. If you are wondering how to achieve that we, at Content Creator, have prepared 5 simple ideas that will help you flex your social media muscles and get in great social media shapes in a matter of weeks. 

Be a Source of Inspiration

Health and fitness industry is packed with stories about transformation, struggle and reinvention. Every member of a health club has a story that can inspire someone like him to make a change. And those stories deserve to be shared with the world through social media platforms. Those can be few simple words of inspiration from trainers or even a testimonial of people who are members of your gym and who have achieved success through perseverance and hard work. To design such inspirational posts use our mobile design application that offers dozens of beautiful design templates that can serve as your starting point. Remember that the type of font you use should correspond to the message you are trying to communicate. Because of that it is advisable to use capital letters and sans serif fonts to emphasize strength and power. For additional visibility underline certain words with a different color and combine them with a strong image that matches the tone of the message.

Expand Your Influence 

People want to be informed, entertained and educated and you shouldn’t stop doing that just because they are not physically in the premises of your club. Use social media to share your knowledge, expertise and advice. Share information you know about injury prevention, importance of hydration, nutrition or just let people know how to stay in shape when they cannot make it to the gym. Make your visuals simple to read by using simple, sans-serif fonts and contrast their color to the color of the background. Emphasize most important elements of your message with bigger font or a text box and remember to brand your visuals by placing your logo in the corner of the photo. Treat your followers to a terrific content and you will have them coming back for more. 

Be Competitive

While promotional content should not dominate your social media stream it is perfectly normal that you talk about your products and services on a regular basis. At least 20 percent of your content should be related solely to your business offers, so do not hesitate to incorporate discounts, deals and special offers into your messaging. In the Content Creator new and upgraded version you will find an individual Sports template that contains carefully designed stickers that you can use for the promotion of your offers. Add them to your cover photos, sales posts, social media ads and other types of online promotional materials and watch as the interest for your fitness classes grows by the minute.

Stay on Top of Mind

Each social media channel is a way for you to talk about what’s going on in your club. If you are changing working hours, introducing new fitness program, instructor or simply announcing new event or webinar social media is the way to put the spotlight on your activities. Use Instagram if picture is more powerful than words or rely on the power of Twitter to start up a conversation, increase number of brand mentions and provide quality custom service to your audience. Content Creator is here to offer you simple, pre-made templates for Facebook, Twitter, Google or Blog so that you can design online materials that will help you promote your activities to a larger audience. All you need to do is choose your preferred social media platform or communicate your information simultaneously on all of them. 

Challenge Them

Many customers drop off after a few sessions at the gym, and other clients simply switch from gym to gym depending on where they find the best deals each season. To keep them motivated and on track toward their personal goals you need to build a personal relationship and give them a place where they can show off. For that purpose the perfect solution are different contents and prize games that enable you to show people how much you appreciate hearing from them. If this is something you are interested in Content Creator is a perfect solution for you. Download it, get inspired by different stickers, fonts or filters and use or buy our beautiful design templates that will help you develop all your online promo materials. 

As you can see health and fitness communication on social media is more than just ads with pictures of super fit people. It’s about providing value, sharing stories and helping your audience reach their goals. Thanks to the Content Creator application and our individual Sports template package you have a chance to get and stay in perfect social media shape. Good luck and let us know if we can help you in any way!