Give Your Travel Business A First Class Social Media Presence: 5 Simple DIY Ideas

With an increasing amount of people that are communicating, reviewing and recommending different products and experiences to their friends and family through social media, the online word of mouth became vital to successful organic referrals, leads and conversions in today’s marketplace. This particularly applies to the travel industry where people-based platforms like Facebook are affecting consumer travel decisions at every stage and in real time. People choose to tell their stories and experiences with photos or videos and that has an effect on others -almost 52% of travellers saying how photos they have seen on Facebook have influenced their travel plans.

If your travel company is looking for a way to identify prospective travelers, communicate directly with users, engage with advocates or simply create branded experience through advertisement than Content Creator is great for you. With this simple design application you will be able to create visually appealing online materials and communicate offers and messages that will inspire conversation. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we are here to offer you 5 simple ideas that will help you share your story.

Think Beyond Photos

Don’t get us wrong. We still believe that beautiful photos of beaches, local sights or fancy restaurants will make your offer irresistible, but if you want to stand out from competition try to give your communication some creative spin. Share information on interesting travel destinations in a way that will inspire conversation and motivate people to start communicating with you. Those can be simple travel tips or little known information about the travel destination you are promoting. Use ready-made text templates from Content Creator and let your letters do the talking. Keep your background simple if you choose bright colored font, or opt for combination of colorful background and minimal fonts. To improve readability always select capital, sans-serif letters and play with different font sizes to make your message extra visible.

Don’t Let Them Get Bored

There is no better way to generate buzz and increase a travel brand’s database than to organize a contest that requires an e-mail address as participation prerequisite. Ask people to submit something as a part of a contest entry (photo, video, feedback) and offer price that will generate conversation and make your content viral. For best results always promote your contest through social media ads, but don’t forget to brand your profile page and Cover Photo with the same message. Keep the same visual style on all your promotional materials, as that will help your fans to recognize “contest” posts more easily. If you think that keeping up with different sizes of promo materials will be a problem, don’t worry. Content Creator offers ready-made templates that are already adjusted to different sizes of posts, ads, Cover photos or blog headers. All you need to do is explore our selection of photos, templates, stickers and filters and choose the ones that best reflect your style.

Spread Word About Your Offer

Investing in paid advertising is important way to attract new fans, amplify your message and expand the reach of your brand. It allows you to target your audience based on a wide variety of triggers such as location, demographics, interest and much more. To tailor your offer to different target markets you no longer have to hire a designer or waste days trying to change original design proposals. With the help of Content Creator templates you are free to design different versions of your social media ads, change them as you like and schedule them to be published on your desired platform at the most favorable time. For additional brand awareness Content Creator also gives you an option to brand your visuals and insert your logo on selected image.

Create Tailor-Made Experiences

Good data-base can enable you to promote different tailor-made vacation experiences through newsletters, e-mail promos or simple social media ads targeted toward a selected number of people that have already shown their interest for certain types of vacations or have already traveled with you. To design those materials browse through Content Creator’s ready-made Travel templates and play with fonts, filters and colors to create a visual experience that is true to your company font and signature colors. To make your offer extra special always emphasize your incentive (discount) or encourage quick reaction by making your offer time limited. 

Don’t Forget the Power Words

The words you choose matter. A lot. The right ones will evoke emotions, create visual pictures in your customer’s mind, motivate them to buy and finally push them to action. We call them the power words. Those are the ones that convince you to click on a link or a sign-up button, the ones that are positive, strong, suited to the needs of your audience and absolutely attention-grabbing. Some of them are “You”, “Free”, “Instantly”, “New”, etc… Find a way to incorporate them in your text and emphasize them on your visuals by making them stand out with bigger size or contrasting color. 

Destination marketers have an opportunity to position themselves as a travel resource for consumers that are looking for inspiration and travel ideas on social media. Since maintaining an active and visually engaging presence in a highly competitive industry is a must we hope these ideas and many templates in Content Creator app will help you market your travel business and maintain leadership position in the industry.