Making Old New Again: 5 Rules of Content Recycling

Creating social media content continuously, while maintaining the same level of quality and interest, is one of the most difficult struggles of any Social Media or Business Manager. Especially if you don’t have time, money or resources to create it at the rate the social media environment demands it. If you have similar problem we have just one thing to tell you: YOU DON’T HAVE TO CREATE NEW CONTENT EVERY DAY. What you need to do is make sure that the content you already have finds it way to the right audience. And for that to happen all you need is some creativity to recycle your existing material and breathe new life into it. Here are few tips that will help you do just that:

1. Create Timeless Content 

Very important element of content recycling is having quality content to begin with. We call it timeless or evergreen content. That content is useful, relevant and true today as it was when you posted it the first time. It shares your insights, gives away your business secrets or tips and is something that people can benefit from in a long run regardless of trends or changes in your industry. Go back to your social media archive and look for that type of material. And in the future, as you create new content, ask yourself: Will this help my audience a year from now? Positive answer is a sign of a timeless content. 

2. Understand the Difference Between Old and Outdated

We believe that recycling is a great way to get more mileage from your content. For example, you can turn your blogs into eBooks, Slide Shares, infographic, whitepapers, etc. This will enable you to place your content in multiple places, in different formats and for a wider audience. But, make sure you respect difference between old and outdated. You don’t want to look out of touch so review your content before you publish it again. Double check all facts and make changes that reflect new developments in your industry or company.

3. Don’t Pretend Old Content is New Content

If you’re going to recycle old content without any changes don’t pretend like you just wrote it. It doesn’t matter if your audience will recognize it or not, being honest and respectful is what matters in social media relations. Let people know that the content is recycled but that you also believe in its relevance for the industry and readers. This will position your company as a great source of reliable information that can stand the test of time.

4. Create a Spinoff from Old Content

Recycling old content will only get you so far. You still need to keep your Page updated with new and original content. If you have no inspiration or ideas for new content go back to your social media archive, look for some list articles (for example, 10 Ways to Be More Confident at Work) and start making individual posts or articles on each item from the list. You will be able to expand on certain topics, give more details, share your how-to tricks and inspire your audience with some fresh content.

5. Use Different Content Formats

One way of recycling is to share the same content over and over again on different social media. If that’s your option make sure that 3 or more months have passed between first publication and its re-run. But, if you want to make more out of recycled content we encourage you think about different formats. For example, all your business data will look more appealing if you present it using charts, graphics or simple visual talking points. If you don’t have an in-house designer there are several tools available out there, such as Piktochart, Visme or Visually. Collecting and expanding content into an e-book is another way you can take advantage of your archive and make more out of your old content. There are some cool tools that will make the process of creating an e-book easy such as BlogBooker, Papyrus or Anthologize. Fill it with useful information, tips, tricks or features and offer it to your fans in exchange for basic information or a newsletter subscription. If all that looks too complicated go back to business reports or articles that talk about your product or company, pull out a sentence or two and use Content Creator to make a quote picture.

In the end don’t be shy to promote the refreshed material with different headline, image or a quote. There are many fans that missed your content the first time around so an additional push will help you achieve better visibility and reach a much wider audience. Set up a schedule that can get your content out there when you publish, a few hours later, throughout the week, and then over next few months. So, take a look at the content you have in your social media archive, choose the content that is strong, relevant and a good representation of your business and start recycling today!