BACK TO BASICS: 5 Ways to Leverage Social Media Design For Your Business

In today's time and age, using visuals as a part of your social media strategy is not only advisable; it's actually a must! They are attention grabbing and «digestible» pieces of information that users can understand and engage with ease. Aside from helping you to improve brand and message recall, visual content will also considerably improve the rate of the engagement and help you generate 53% more likes than a text-based posts. In case you are still looking for ways to improve your visual strategy follow our basic guide that will help you make the most out of your social media presence.

1. Optimise Your Visuals for Different Social Networks

Facebook and Twitter will probably be your most used social media platforms so make sure you fill them with visual posts that will make you and your business look knowledgeable, polished and professional. Since both of these networks require different image dimensions make sure you use Content Creator's social media templates that are automatically formatted to required cover page and post sizes for Facebook and Twitter. This will help you save time and ensure that your images look good and aren't getting cut off.

2. Match Your Cover and Profile Image

Your profile image should generally always be your logo, as that will help your audience to easily recognize your brand across different social media channels. Your Cover photo, on the other hand, should compliment and match the profile image through color, font or image style. Take for example design brand Kate Spade New York and the color harmony created between these two visuals. If you want to achieve similar effect choose Content Creator’s color picker and match the dominant color of the profile image with colors of the Cover photo.

3. Plan Your Visuals for Every Day of the Week

Being consistent is a very important element of success on social media, so make sure you maintain required consistency by creating and scheduling your social media posts in advance. It is being recommended to post five to ten posts per week on Facebook and at least five tweets per day on Twitter but if you feel overwhelmed with these frequencies and have a hard time keeping up with posting consistency we highly recommend you use Content Creator app to schedule and post your custom-designed images for Facebook and Twitter. It will not just improve your efficiency and help you coordinate multiple networks but also give you an ability to develop good social media strategy by planning a series of messages in advance. 

4. Create a Variety of Content

Don’t use visual posts to continuously and aggressively promote just your product. Instead, use it as a platform that will show the broad knowledge and leadership your company has in your business industry. Remember to share industry tips and tricks, event invitations, company milestones, weekly inspirational quotes and behind the scene photos or to simply start a conversation with fans by asking a question. This will help your company to communicate not just one product but culture, values and idea behind the entire brand.

5. Use Templates for Consistency

If you don’t have time to always design posts from scratch why don’t you create your own templates with consistent colors, shapes or text position? In time people will start associating your template with your company or brand and you will save a lot of time when creating new post visuals. For inspiration, take a look at our example where layout is the same, but content and background image are being slightly altered to suit needs of each new post.

Small businesses have to be wise when it comes to investing in social media marketing so make sure you choose affordable, simple and effective application such as Content Creator, follow useful tips in our blog and your brand will stand out on social media in no time. Good luck and let us know if we can help you out!