10 Favorite Spring Colors That You Must Use in Your Design

Colors have always been an integral part of our lives. They affect our mood, add meaning to our content and enhance effectiveness of the message we want to communicate to others. Every year Pantone introduces a special set of color(s) that express the attitudes and emotions of the times. This year they have presented Spring Colors 2016 that are full of softer, tranquil shades that offer a sense of calm and promise to transport us to a «happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves». Since florist, fashion designers and many other consumer-oriented industries will use this as a guide for their designs and future products we want to share them with you and inspire you to use them this spring in your social media design. Pay attention to the RGB code of each color, as it will help you find those colors easily in the Content Creator's color wheel.

Rose Quartz

Inspired by the colors of the sunset, flushed cheeks or budding flowers Rosy Quartz and its soothing and calming nature is a perfect introduction into warmer spring weather. Find it under color code RGB 247.202.201


For the first time Pantone selected two main colors of the year. Beside Rose Quartz the second one is Serenity, very weightless and airy, reminiscing of the blue spring sky and bringing a sense of calm and serenity. Find it under RGB: 146.168.209 

Peach Echo

As a playful variation on the orange family Peach Echo is friendly, warm and eye catching color that invites you to kick off your shoes and dance. Find it under RGB: 247.120.107

Snorkel Blue

This sea-inspired color is very close to the rest of the navy family but is more beautiful, energetic, bursting with life and reminding us that the vacation time is not that far away. Find it under RGB: 3.79.132.


Majority of Spring/Summer colors is moving toward the general theme of «tranquility», but there are few colors that contrast that theme. One of them is Buttercup, cheerful color that truly moves us to a happier and sunnier place with its happy-go-lucky vibe. Find it under RGB: 250.224.60

Limpet Shell

The color that evokes feelings of clarity, freshness and tranquility is a slight variation on the shade of aqua and very close to the green family. When using this color combine it with mint, turquoise and other similar shades of blue and green. Find it under RGB: 152.221.222

Lilac Gray

One of the neutral colors in the palette has a subtle lilac undertone that gives an edge to a classical gray shade. Pair it with soft purple, yellow or even pink for a very elegant and gorgeous effect. Find it under RGB: 152.150.164


Another contrast to a calming spring palette is this strong, yellow-based red color that is fiery, exciting and absolutely radiant. This kind of color works well with soft neutrals as they balance its boldness out. Find it under RGB: 221.65.50 

Iced Coffee

This is a strong neutral color that has natural and earthy undertones. It’s softness and subtlety can be perfectly combined with the rest of the season's palette, while it's richness and rustic feeling give cozy and warm feelings. Find it under RGB: 177.143.106

Green Flash

Radiant, unexpected and brilliant this hue pushes the envelope. It is fresh and exudes a lot of good energy so it can be perfectly paired with soft blush, ivory and other earthy neutrals. Find it under RGB: 121.199.83

What do you think about these colors? Do you think they are great to use for the spring season? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in comments below.