How Can My Small Business Benefit From Social Media: 7 Simple and Great Examples

If you are using social media as a platform to communicate with your audience you know that the presence of visual content is not only advisable but it’s actually a must. Your engagement and traffic will considerably improve, as will your brand visibility and brand recognition. But many business owners do not have quality visual content to share with their social media audience or time to create such great viral stuff. We understand that your business is keeping you very much occupied and that’s why the Content Creator app is here with simple, pre-made visual templates and tips on how to create 7 different social media posts in just 5 minutes: 

1. Promote New Products

Even the best product will do little good for the public if they don’t know it exists, so getting it out there for the audience to see and try it out is the first step in selling any product or service successfully. Just as you will use print ad, direct mailing or in-store promotion in your launch campaign don’t forget to use social media for the same purpose. Place focus on the image of the product and emphasize it with 2 or 3 main words that capture the essence of that brand. For best impact make sure that words such as NEW or INTRODUCING stand out with brighter colors or strong background. Use your brand colors and font consistently and make sure you position your logo in a place that is visible but non-intrusive.

2. Encourage Product Trials

If you are looking for a way to enter a new market, release new product or improve your existing sales you can use a product trial that includes free samples, price reductions or buy-one-get-one tactics. They are all particularly useful for targeting specific audiences who are familiar and loyal to your existing brands or the ones that are price-conscious. Use bright color background and contrasting text holder to capture and focus the attention of the audience to your message. When possible emphasize how the offer is valid only for a limited time period, as that will encourage people to act on it.  

3. Share Interesting Facts

Your product or service could be a result of interesting findings or research so make sure you share that with your audience as it will help you look more knowledgeable about needs of your customers. Don’t communicate more than one fact per post and make sure you visually emphasize numbers and percentages that are important for your message. We recommend that you include titles such as “Did You Know?” or “Friday Fun Facts” as they will ensure consistency and make people easily recognize this type of posts in their Newsfeed. 

4. Organize Contests and Giveaways

If you have clear objectives and your prize is in line with your brand then contests and giveaways are a great addition to your marketing strategy. Your social media posts are there to help you make most out of it by promoting details of the prize game rules, showcasing available prizes, sharing prize game uploads or stats that can encourage further participation of fans and even notifying winners at the end of the contest. Make sure that such posts have consistent branding, including the same font, color or filters, as that will help your fans to recognize “contest” posts more easily.

5. Inform on Sales and Promotions

If you are not sure that the information about your online or in-store promotion will reach the audience via radio, print or direct mailing make sure you remind them of it with social media post. Create focus and make your message stand out by leaving enough white space around it. It will give your design some breathing space and significantly improve readability of your message. Apply the font hierarchy rules and make sure that words such as “SALE”, “DISCOUNT”, “SAVE” are biggest in size. Remaining text should be simple, clean and easy to read but you can always use a pop of bright color to make it stand out in a subtle way.

6. Showcase Your Employees’ Expertise

The best way to show a human face behind your brand is to give some space to your employees to share their knowledge and experience. That can be an insider tip, a useful advice, much needed recommendation that will help someone resolve a problem, etc. These small things will make people relate to your brand and encourage your employees to share business posts willingly. When creating such posts remember that simple things go a long way so use a picture with a lot of empty space, choose sans serif fonts and contrast font color with the background so that the message is easy to read. Be positive, helpful and opened and your audience will respond. 

7. Talk About Your Event(s)

When it comes to organizing an event, the last thing you want is to invest time and money into planning an event only to have it flop.  One of the keys to a successful event is driving people to actually attend.  And that’s not always an easy thing to do.  We’re all busy and have a wide variety of interests fighting for our attention. That’s why you need the help of social media. Make sure that you create and share a Facebook Event Page but also remember to build the excitement around the event with social media posts. All your fans will not see your event announcement the first time you post it so share event details regularly in the days leading up to the event. You can talk about event program, create behind-the-scenes photos, design countdown posts, etc. They will all spread the word and help you create positive and friendly atmosphere around the event. 

We are sure that you can find a lot of examples and advices on what to do on social media for your business. And if you choose to follow any of them, follow these seven. Make sure you design them with Content Creator, use them consistently and you will gain significantly from this inexpensive and highly viral form of marketing.