5 tips for marketers to keep their fans happy and get results with brand new Facebook features

If you are hoping to improve your Facebook marketing and help your business get better results, you must have thought about implementing the newly available Facebook features. But, how can your business capitalize on them so your fans are satisfied and you get the results you hoped for? 

Here's our advice, as well as some tips and tricks to get you started.

1. Find out what your audience wants to see

A few weeks ago Facebook introduced Multi-Product Ads, which allow you to alternate several products in one ad. In order to make most use of them start with your target audience needs. 
You can opt for a mini research study and ask your fans straightforwardly which products they are interested in most. You can do this in form of a Knowledge Test app, set up as a separate tab on your Facebook page to maximize your conversion rates. 

2. Give your customers new ideas they can use your product

Facebook created video playlists a while ago to empower page admins with the possibility of reaching their audience with video content as well. Your customers don't always know exactly what they want and they are searching for inspiration. Inspire your customers by adding a video playlist with different ways to use your product. Make a "tips and tricks" playlist and mention your brand as the obvious choice. If you're in the mood for taking things to the next level, implement a Video Gallery app on your Facebook wall to showcase your brand and products.

3. Always listen: hear what they're saying

Make room for a dialogue. Gather feedback from your customers by involving them directly and respecting their opinion. Give them a chance to share their own engaging stories, ask them about their best experience with your brand and don’t forget to thank them for choosing you. Facebook is a social network after all and brands shouldn't forget the power of an honest, straightforward and humane interaction. 

4. Remind them of your brand

With the new customized re-marketing features and look-alike audiences, Facebook has introduced new preset options that allow page admins to create lists that do not include conversion pages. This way, marketers can target “people who haven’t visited in a certain amount of time” only and remind potential customers where they left off.

5. Keep in touch

Customer loyalty is vital for any business and brands struggle to create unique customer experiences both online and offline. In order to build relationships with your Facebook fans and successfully turn them into leads, it is important to stay in touch with them regularly. One way to do this is to implement a custom tab on your Facebook page and allow your fans to ask direct questions through a social app like Contact us. Show them they are a part of your brand and by delivering on that promise you will have fans for life.