Create a Consistent Brand On Social Media: 5 Brilliant SMEs Examples

Establishing a presence on different social media platforms, as a cost-effective and far reaching way to promote a company or a brand became a standard even for small businesses. In an ideal situation each platform should provide the same brand experience, in terms of content and visuals, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. Very often websites and social media Pages look as if they were designed and administered by different people, which sends mixed messages and interferes with the audience’s ability to easily recognize and memorize the brand. Branding consistency, an integral part of your offline communication, must also found its place on social media and be implemented through consistent templates, layouts, filters, fonts and colors. You might think that multinational corporations are the only ones that are paying attention to this, but we have put together a list of 5 small and medium sized companies that are doing a great job at providing consistent social media brand experience. Hopefully, their examples and ideas will be inspiring to all who are struggling to keep consistency on their social networks: 


A restaurant famous for its Portuguese peri peri chicken became increasingly popular over the last few years because of their active communication with the fans. We decided to share their case, as an example that content and imagery displayed on each profile can be coordinated but not necessarily identical, boring or repetitive. On four social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, you’ll notice the same visual style that is easily recognizable and linked to the main brand. If there is one think to remember from this example it’s that when it comes to social media visuals it doesn’t have to match, but it has to go.

The Bouqs Company

A florist company that creates cut-to-order bouquets from sustainable farms is an example of a very unified social media experience with almost identical visuals on all networks. The biggest emphasis is always on the logo, which enables the audience to easily recognize this company across several different social media networks. What’s even more important, and can serve as a great lesson to other SMEs, is the visual consistency of the cover photo style – they are always showcasing main product (flower) and wood-style background of the image. So, make sure you find your own visual style and insist on it in your promotional materials and social media campaigns. Very soon people will start recognizing you not just for your logo, but for your specific visual aesthetic too.   

Yoga Six

If you have some ongoing promotion make sure you communicate if across all platforms as it will increase your visibility and chances that the audience will notice and participate. Take example from a yoga studio that communicated information on available October classes through a visually integrated approach that started on their web page and continued on their Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. As you will notice there is some slight difference in the composition of each layout but consistent photo, filter, font, logo and colors contribute to the unified Yoga Six brand experience.

Pep Boys

Another simple and effective way to experiment with social media visuals is to change them with seasons and holidays. This will allow you to incorporate seasonal colors into your design or even play with words like auto company Pep Boys did for their autumn cover visuals. By communicating a consistent message across different outlets they have maximized their ability to reach out to as many people as possible. So, if you don’t know what to put on your main visual remember that a nod to a new season or upcoming holiday is a great way to go. 

Contiki Holidays

Hashtags, originated on Twitter, quickly spread to other social media channels, as they allow brands to track conversations of their fans. Using consistent hashtags and communicating them on all your visuals is yet another way to create social media unity and successfully spread the word about your campaign or contest that the hashtag is associated with. Travel agency Contiki, for example, is promoting #contikilegends across all platforms as it invites people to share stories of unforgettable travels, the ones that are being shared time and time again. If this is something you could be interested in think about the hashtag that can be associated with your brand and place it discreetly at the bottom of your cover photo or make it the main feature of your visual. 

Consistent brand experience on social media means that you can jump from every single social media platform to the website and back and know all the time that you are dealing with the same company. This will help your current and potential clients to find you, have the best possible brand experience and hopefully pass it along to others. So go back to your social media pages and ask yourself do they look or feel as if they are coming from one company, one brand, one story and one vision? If the answer is no Content Creator is here to help you achieve that visual consistency now and in all your future campaigns. Try it out and let us know if we can help you in any way!