5 Awesome Font Pairings to Inspire Any Non-Designer

For many non-designers the process of picking and pairing fonts can be a daunting. There seems to be endless choices and never-ending lists of font categories and recommendations. Selecting the right combination is a result of few rules, little bit of intuition and some practice. To help you start here are 5 simple and effective examples that you can find in Content Creator’s pre-made templates:

1. Keep It Simple

If your business needs some elegant, classy and traditional flair but you cannot use more than one font, don’t worry. Between upper and lower cases or regular, bold and italic versions of the same font you will have many options to choose from even if you stay away from a second font. For example combine regular and italic versions of EB Garamond and experiment with text hierarchy for more impact. Assign upper letters to the most important piece of information, and use lower cases, emphasised with italic letters, for the rest of the text. Make sure that your text is placed on an empty part of the image where it will not interfere with any image features. 

2. Do a Twist

If you are more in favour of subtle differences than outrageously contrasting fonts look for combinations that are similar in shape and style. You can combine Lachata and Jura as they are both sans serif fonts that have round design, curved letters and relaxing vibe suitable for the Happy Hour content. If your photo has too many details make sure to use a background shape as your text holder and play with Content Creator color picker to match its color with other strong color on the photo. 

3. Share a Vibe

Use fonts to communicate the atmosphere of your message like we did with playful and fun Strato. Remember to use script or display style of fonts only for your title and write the rest of the text in simple sans serif font that helps with legibility such as Panarema. Contrast the color of the background with the color of your font and you are ready to get the party started.

4. Use High Contrast

The best way to capture the attention is to use high contrast that demands to be seen. Tall font, DN Titling, brings the attention of viewers to the particular word and is beautifully balanced with sans serif Helvetica NeueUI on one side and script Grand Hotel on the other side. Sans serif font helps you maintain strong voice of the message against brightness of loud neon color, while script font gives more dynamic to the overall composition. 

5. Add Some Flavor

Continue you exploration by mixing two handwritten fonts such as Amburegul and Toscuchet CM to create unique and balanced composition. Create variety by using different text sizes or weights for different parts of your message and add some final touch with leaf sticker that suits the tropical vibe of your post.

Feeling ready to start playing with different font combinations and creating unique visual content? Great! Open your Content Creator app, begin with these 5 ideas and continue experimenting on your own! We are here to help you, so make sure you contact us if you have any questions.