7 ''Boring'' Brands With Awesome Social Media Presence

Creative and interesting social media campaigns are often associated with cool industries such as entertainment, fashion, beauty or food. But what if your industry is insurance, construction, finance, facility management, chemicals or appliances? If your brand is making the world go around but you think it has nothing interesting to show on social, read on. It’s time to change your point of view an make you see that every industry is interesting in its own way. Here are 10 companies whose inspiring and engaging social media stories will show how you can make yourself visible and promote seemingly “boring” products and services on social media.

Maersk Line
The container shipping company, praised for its social strategy, has presence on 8 different social networks and an impressive consistency in posting. It’s a perfect example of the company that has embraced the visual content approach and is using breathtaking photos to engage with their fans. Their cover photo, shown below, is a great example of a proper alignment where an image with a lot of space to the left looks best if the text is also aligned to the left. 

The power company, with almost 1.5 million fans, is praised for its consistent and cohesive social media strategy that applies to a very wide production line. Instead of going too deep into technical details of the business GE highlights cool and fun facts about its products through infographic, YouTube videos or engaging images. Take a look at the cover image that celebrated March 14th, also knows as the #PiDay since the numbers of the date (3/14) correspond to first three digits of the mathematical constant (3.14). It’s an example of an idea that is relevant to the brand but also creative and fun for the audience. 

The 70-year-old hardware chain has made a huge success on social media by mastering the Vine six-second videos and providing great DIY tips for over 3 million Facebook fans. Their tips are ranging from ideas on how to clean a dirty girl to quick ways to fix a squeaky floor. If you look at their social media profile you will notice that the content is quick to digest, creatively executed and relevant enough for the audience to continue coming back for more. This company shows how you don’t necessarily have to directly push the products but rather educate people on ideas that are relevant to the brand.

Instead of talking about details of your product you can focus the attention on positive effects your brand has on the world. Perfect example of that principle is Siemens, an engineering company that is using social media to showcase how the brand is creating healthy environment and improving overall quality of life through their research and innovations. They are posting awesome weekly photos that demonstrate where Siemens products, solutions and services have found their place.  

Think about your brand beyond his actual abilities, just like 3M does for the Post-it Notes. They understand that the Post-it brand isn’t about the stickiness of the Post-it, but about the way it adds small things to your life – helps you to remember things, organize life, express yourself and communicate to another person. It’s this imagination that the Post-it is using in social media by showcasing color charts, celebrating milestone dates or challenging people to use product in an inspiring and creative way. 

Agilent Technologies
This multi-million dollar company is producing measurement instruments that are being used for chemical analysis, diagnostics, life sciences and electronics. But even through their work is highly scientific they have resisted the urge to speak just the technical language and opted for creative and fun content that shows all the cool things you can do with their tools. Their cover page is a great example how you can showcase different aspects of your business in just one visual, so visit them for more inspiration, find things in your industry that translate well to visuals and use them to show how your brand affects people’s life. 

Balfour Betty
Statistics have shown that up to 97 percent of construction industry professionals are using social media as a part of their marketing campaign. Amazing, right? One of the biggest social media players, Balfour Beatty, is using this platform to communicate benefits of their building techniques and talk about their social responsibility projects. As they pay special attention to visual consistency the instant recognition is ensured by a consistent placement of company mission (Connecting Communities icon) on their cover photos.  

What do you think about these examples? Did you think that your business was also too “boring” for social media? We hope that these ideas and examples will inspire you to take advantage of social media platform and think about ways you can start selling an idea rather than a product. Content Creator is here to help you out!