How to Make Your Flower Shop Business Bloom With Social Media

As a local flower shop owner you may be doing weddings, making custom flower arrangements for special occasions, helping customers celebrate anniversaries and popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, but do you keep in touch? In your line of business, where it’s important to connect with residents and fellow business owners in the local area, it’s important to embrace all possible marketing platforms. Lately, one of the most effective and economic ways to put your flowers in front of your target audience is social media. Even if you have never used social media before, there’s no need to worry or feel daunted. Social media is just another means of communication. And since you are communicating “live” with your customers every day in the shop why not just do it online, too? There are many ways you can create a strong brand voice that cuts through the noise but if you don’t have much experience or time to come up with creative content here are few simple ideas you can start with:

1. Show Who You Are
Presenting your products and promotions will be a very important element of your social media presence but before you start going in that direction remember that your Page should speak about what your shop is really about. The simplest way to do that is to have a photo of a flower bouquet with a list of services you are offering as your Cover or Header Photo. Try to use great quality photo and enhance it with different by adjusting brightness and saturation. With the help of the Content Creator application choose one font that will become your signature font (most commonly associated with your brand) and write a list of your services. Place your text in a way that will not obstruct the main image of the photo and you are ready to post it.

Later on you may decide to change your Cover Photo to include some motivating and relevant quotes that will inspire your customers. Quotes are a great way to communicate values that resonate with your brand, as people tend to recognize themselves in them and therefore be inclined to share them with friends. When creating Quotes Cover feel free to experiment by mixing different fonts or emphasizing certain parts of the message with different colors. Pay attention to the color of the background and make sure that the contrast with the color of letters is sufficient enough to help you read text easily. For more impact, use bright orange, yellow or pink colors that are associated with flowers and will bring your message to life.

2. Encourage Interest
Facebook is a great place to promote your upcoming activities, so if you plan to organize a Workshop or host some Event let people on social media know about it. That’s the easiest way to spread the word without spending any money. Follow-up by posting photos or videos from your Workshop, Event or a Party so that fans could feel the atmosphere and be convinced to join you next time. Remember to brand these posts with your logo for more brand awareness. Place the logo in the corner of the photo where it will be visible but will not interfere with the rest of the photo. Once you decide on the position of your logo try to keep it there on all your other posts. Consistency of logo, colors, fonts and visual style is crucial on social media.

Don’t be afraid to show what makes you stand out from the competition. It could be a location where your flowers are coming from, an award you have just won for the best flower shop in the region or simply a best deal that you are offering to your customers. Whatever it is, show it through a simple but effective comparison image that will communicate your benefits clearly. To make your visual more interesting mix two different font styles such as decorative fonts (try Peleja or La Voir) with sans-serif fonts (go for Linear or Myriad Pro). Use decorative fonts for main title and leave sans-serif fonts for the rest of copy, as they are easier to read.

3. Spark a Conversation
There is a general 80/20 content rule according to which you should be sharing valuable content for your community 80% of the time leaving only 20% for self-promotion. By valuable content we think about information that educates, entertains or humors your audience. If you can stick to this rule you will create an interaction with your fans and establish stronger, more personal relationship. For example, you can create a fill-in-the-blank post with a question that will spark the imagination of your fans and encourage them to think about a person that deserves to receive flowers. You can even come up with some other funny or even problematic scenarios that your audience is likely to run into and watch as they describe their reaction. These posts will ensure engagement as they inspire fans to discuss not only with you but also with each other. Remember that your copy and image should individually tell your story, but also complement each other so try to match dominant color in your photo with the one used for letters.

On the other hand, if you are not sure which product to bring back or which one to give up for discount why not ask your fans? Use Content Creator’s ready-made templates to create an image with a side-by-side comparison of two products and invite them to give their opinion. They can “like” the post to vote for picture on the left or “share” it to vote for picture on the right. These posts will not only get people thinking about your flower shop but also give them an idea about products they can purchase.

In the end remember that people go online to have fun! Humor always sells and if you can make people laugh, they will remember your brand name. Find some way to relate yourself with fans and give them a feeling that there is a human face behind the brand.

4. Give Them an Offer They Cannot Resist
The competition in the flower business is fierce and customers need a compelling reason to choose one florist over another. That is why promotion of discounts and daily specials through social media is the best way to generate excitement and interest. For example, you can build your offer around the new season as it’s shown in an example below. Just pay attention to the text hierarchy and arrange your message in a way that will give bigger font size to the most important pieces of information.

Don’t forget to use words that encourage purchase (“free delivery”, “sale”, “% off”, “save”) or create a time-bound offer (“one-day only”) that will create a sense of urgency and inspire customers to act immediately or risk missing a good deal. If your background image is too bright or busy try to add a shape that will serve as a text holder. That will instantly create contrast and bring more attention to your message. For purpose of consistency try to match the color of text holder or fonts with one of main colors in the image.

5. Find a Reason to Celebrate
There are so many beautiful occasions that deserve to be celebrated, so why not use them for your business? For start you can change your Cover Photo with every new season to mark the beginning of a new chapter or showcase your seasonal offer. Play with season-related stickers that can decorate your Cover photo or use season-inspired colors to create specific atmosphere in your design.

Don’t forget to showcase special offers that are designed around different holidays, such as Valentine’s Day. Embrace the color scheme of the holiday and remind fans that holiday is just around the corner. Develop a special hashtag and make sure you use it in all your posts or tweets related to the promotion. It will streamline the conversation with fans and help them find you easily in the sea of other content. If the image you want to use is too busy use one of available ready-made templates in the Content Creator’s gallery, place it over photo and increase its transparency until you get additional but still visually interesting space for the copy.

Another reason for celebration is a time when you reach certain milestone, such as a certain number of fans. Make sure you share the joy with your fans and show them how much they have contributed to your success. Create a thank-you post by using gold or silver colors that have celebratory feeling. Write your post using script fonts such as Wisdom Script or Sign Painter, as they cad add touch of warmth and friendliness to the message. If you want to focus the attention of viewers to your message and give some breathing space to your overall design use a shape or a frame to contain your text. In that case keep your text centered and make sure your frame is little bit further from the text.

Hope these ideas will help your personality shine through on social media. And remember, no matter how big or small your florist shop is, be present, be real and build trust with people. Building followers takes time, but they will be there for you when you need them most. Good luck and please write if you have any questions or need assistance in designing your posts. Content Creator is here for you!