NEW CC FEATURE: 3 Ways to Grab Attention With Color Overlays

If you want to make your social media post, ad or blog header more powerful you need to do just 2 things: make sure that the visual is in line with your signature brand style and always include a copy. The simplest way to achieve both things is to incorporate in your design a color overlay, a new feature in Content Creator app. A color overlay is simply a colored shape, with transparency dialed down, that lies on top of a background image. Since it has versatile and very positive effects on your design, we have decided to share with you 3 amazing things that this new feature will help you do:

1. Brand Stock Photos
For many small businesses using stock photos is the simplest, most effective and affordable way to add visuals to social media platforms. However, since the number of good stock libraries is limited we can often see one photo being used by different companies and for completely different purposes. To avoid that situation and find a way to adjust stock photos to the look and feel of your brand we recommend that you add a color overlay over the entire area of the background image. In the past it was common to add just black or white overlay but recently companies started attracting attention with vibrant color overlays. This trick will not only help you include your signature brand color in the photo but will dramatically change the feel of the stock image making it undeniably yours. 

2. Make Text Visible
Photos are a popular choice for background of social media visuals, but depending on its composition it may be sometimes challenging to place a copy on top of a selected image. In that case we recommend that you include transparent shape to create a background for your copy. The overlay will make the photo less prominent and force the copy to stand out even more. If the image still remains too busy or distracting you can try combining overlay with Gaussian Blur filter to blur the image and create a background texture. This trick is particularly useful in posts where showcasing an actual product is not necessary.

In case your photo is full of details but you don’t want to have a full coverage overlay you can still adjust color transparency in every Content Creator template and make it more opaque. In this way you will create a shape overlay and have a freedom to place it wherever you like on the image. 

3. Simplify Busy Background
Patterned or illustrated backgrounds can add a lot of character to your visual content but they can also overwhelm the whole design and push the copy to the background. To avoid that situation place a semi-transparent overlay that will cover distracting details but allow interesting textures to shine through. Use the intensity slider in Content Creator app to adjust the transparency of your overlay and find the right balance between toning down details in the background photo and making them transparent enough to preserve visual interest. For more inspiration and examples of seamless patterns, that you can customize to your color palette, check out

Now that you know how to use color overlays to improve your design and communication it’s time to put your skills to work! If you know of any other great ways to apply color overlays please share them with us in comments below! We would love to hear from you.