How To Create Twitter Head Photo: 10 Cool Examples From Real Brands

Twitter has more than 300 million monthly users and around 500 million tweets per day, so it’s quite understandable why many companies are using this channel to promote their brand of business. If you are one of them you have probably spent some time trying to customize Twitter to suit your needs and, among other things, creating a header photo that would stand out among millions of other Twitter profiles. If not, it’s a perfect time for you to look at the way other successful brands are using their header photos and to think about ways you can apply that to your brand.

Think Beyond Photo
Before we start showing examples that are based on photos we need to say that in case you don’t have professional photographs or if your product is not easy to showcase you can still do great on Twitter. Just look at Basecamp, a project management software company, or YouTube, video streaming giant. They are both using a collection of icons to show what their companies are all about. Fun, music, conversation, growth, those are all icons that YouTube has used to communicate the essence of the brand.

Stay Minimal
Your header photo should attract the attention but that doesn’t mean it has to scream at us with big letters or bright colors. Sometimes little things can go a long way. In this example AKQA, a digital company, did not show their business or clients but instead opted for clean, clear and minimal approach that is elegant and timeless.

Show Your Products
If you don’t appreciate subtlety but rather want to make the most out of available place you can always use your Twitter header to showcase a range of your products. Take a look at Walmart that focused on freshness of its seasonal products with a simple but appetizing photo. If your company has more products to offer just lay them out, take a photo, add your hashtag or prices and you are ready to post.

Focus Just on One
Companies that are focused on just one product category should include photos that make that single item the most important element of their header photo. For inspiration look at watch companies, such as Daniel Wellington, as they are great example of elegant and effective standout images.

Stand Out for Something
If your marketing strategy includes association with a certain cause or social responsibility project take inspiration from Dove and use your header photo to communicate such campaigns or links where people can find more information about the topic that interests you.

Mix for Best Results
In case you don’t want to choose between showcasing your product or people who are enjoying it just follow the example of Coca-Cola and create a collage that shows them both. Make sure that the final combination of colors, filters and layout reflects your brand personality and atmosphere.

Play on Design
To make something special try including certain design elements, fonts or icons into your photography. For example UPS used their logo to encompass two workers and emphasize on their famous acronym – united problem solvers. This is simple but effective way to show your employees and their joint efforts in creating a great company.

8. Show the Lifestyle
Another way to speak about the company without showing an actual product is to communicate values and lifestyle that the brand stands for. Nike or Red Bull are perfect examples of inspiring companies that are using great photos and minimal logo branding to speak to their audience.

9. Create a Brand Ambassador
If your company has a mascot or a brand ambassador you can create his or her verified Twitter account. Take for example Mattel and Barbie. Content is about friendship, fashion and how she loves Ken but it’s charming and clever way to establish communication between toy company and their young audience.

10. Promote Your Promotion
If you have a campaign, an event or a sale in your stores don’t waste this great opportunity and use available space to communicate the information to your followers. Check out how American Express announced next installment of American Express Unstaged Concert Series that are live streamed at

What do you think about these ideas? Are you already using some of them? Maybe you would like to add some other to the list? We are looking forward to your comments and hope these 10 will inspire you to change the way you use your Twitter header image and create great custom designer images with Content Creator.