How to Design Awesome Sale Posts: 7 Simple And Effective Ideas

Shopping online and through mobile devices became a new norm and thanks to new social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter enabled small businesses to grow their revenues and increase sales volume. According to research, social commerce represented around 5% of online retail revenue, with around $14 billion in sales by the end of 2015. As 85% of orders coming from social media sites is associated with Facebook retailers are investing more time and money in their attempt to leave their footprint on this and similar platforms.

There are many strategies that small businesses are using in order to drive increased revenues with social media but this time we will focus our attention on sale posts. When accompanied by compelling visuals, promo codes and strong call to action they can help you reach millions of people and boost your online sales for the season. Here are 7 simple and effective ideas that will hopefully inspire your next sale post design:

1. Create a Series
With free design applications such as Content Creator nothing is stopping you from creating a series of sale posts. They can differ in the color of the background or content of the copy. In both cases there is one rule we urge you to respect. Simplicity. We are overwhelmed with so many messages that presenting yourself in a clean, simple way will help you cut through the noise. For added simplicity go for just one font and combine its regular and bold version for more impact. We suggest you choose Generic or Lil Grotesk and make it bold for certain parts of your copy you want to emphasize. If your image is too bright, busy or has a low contrast, you can add shape on top of your entire photo and increase its transparency until you achieve the effect you can see below. Feel free to play with colors of the background and choose the ones that will help your text stand out.

2. Mix and Match Your Fonts
Simple way to create eye-catching visuals is to mix several different font styles. This is particularly effective if you have a long copy but wish to emphasize certain parts of it. The simplest font pairing is the one between serif and sans serif fonts, but if you want to break the pattern try pairing sans-serif fonts such as Linear or Myriad Pro with script fonts like Eraser or Permanent Marker for a combination that is full of character and will add a lot of charm to your visual content. Make sure that, in the days before the end of the sale, you emphasize that information with copy such as “2 days left” or “Last day”. Write that part of the copy with a different color so that is easily noticeable by fans.

3. Be In a Good Shape
Great way to handle a lengthy text is to create an optical illusion and intentionally align your text. As a result you will end up grouping it into an invisible shape that will make your message look balanced and stand out as one harmonized element of design. Below are two examples of composition that contrast the background and are easy to read. For more inspiration check out Content Creator’s ready-made templates that will help you get creative with words.

4. Use the Space You Have
This is one of the easiest solutions for a great composition, but it works only in specific situation. You need a simple photo that has a lot of free space for you to place your copy. This will create a feeling of depth in the post and allow your text to shine and communicate your message easily. If you photo doesn’t have enough free space you can always place it in the Content Creator grid and expand it until you get enough of space for the message. Like we have mentioned before you can choose to have just one font and play with its variations (regular, bold, italic) or you can mix two different font styles. In any case we recommend that you always use capital letters, as they are easier to read on mobile devices.

5. Go Big
When it comes to the size of your text, we can say that size really matters. Another way to set the tone of your message and stand out from other posts if to choose big font and let it do all the talking. To maximize that effect you should choose a simple photo that doesn’t have too many details so that huge letters don’t have to struggle with the background. For better legibility choose sans-serif fonts that are easy to read big or small.

6. Apply Filters
Combining a darker image with light colored text may be the obvious thing to do, but a lot of social media posts are still using combinations that do not ensure sufficient contrast, so the text is hard to read. To achieve desired contrast or just give certain flair to your photos try one of available Content Creator filters that will enhance and elevate your photo. For example, effect of a darker image can be achieved with filters such as Levels or Gamma. Always double check if you can read post without any effort. If you can’t your contrast if off and you need to correct it. Remember that filters are a great way to create consistency in your branding so you may try to apply your selected filter to all your visuals, as it will give you more control over your images and ensure streamlined and coherent brand personality.

7. Play With Copy
Your copy and image should individually tell your story but also complement each other. For example, you can choose to support your copy (Palm to Palm) with an image of palms like it’s shown in the example on the left side, or you can emphasize important parts of the copy with a different color. In both cases if you want to make an impact keep it sweet and short. Decide what you want to say and say just that.

Manufacturing, logistics, marketing, advertising, in the end all those efforts can be futile without sales. So make sure you use Content Creator to get noticed on different platforms, showcase your offer and increase sales volume. Good luck and let us know if we can help you in any way